Making an emergency call

Making an emergency call

  • To report an incident or accidents requiring an emergency response, dial “110” (Prefectural police headquarters)
  • To report a fire or call an ambulance, dial “119” (Regional fire department)

In the event of a fire or accident requiring first aid (before you call)

  1. Stay calm and do not panic.
  2. Assess the situation and understand what has happened.
  3. Determine what needs to be done and decide upon a course of action.
  4. In an emergency situation, assess the sick or injured person’s condition or the extent of their injuries, and determine whether or not they are responsive.
  • An “emergency situation” refers to sudden illnesses and injuries that may be life-threatening if not treated immediately.

Make an emergency call as follows (also applies for calls from cellphones)

  1. Dial “119” without an area code.
  2. When you are connected, state whether you are calling to report a fire or an emergency.
  3. State your location: e.g. "XX number, XX town" or "XX intersection."
  4. In case of fire, calmly say “What” has happened, “Where” it has happened and “How” it has happened.
  5. Give your own name and telephone number.
  6. If many people are injured or sick, state how many (approximately).
    • Do not panic. Answer the operator’s questions calmly and clearly.
    • To make a call from a public telephone, first remove the handset, press the red emergency call button, and dial “119”.
    • If you are calling to inquire about the location of a fire, call the Fire Telephone Service (42-0119)
    • For referrals and other inquiries about on-duty doctors and hospitals, call the general help telephone number (43-4151).
    • The following types of emergency require an urgent response.
      1. Major bleeding
      2. Respiratory arrest; cardiac arrest
      3. Poisoning and toxic shock
      4. Loss of consciousness