Locally Raised Hinai Chicken

 Hinai chicken has been bred in the northern part of Akita prefecture since early times, it has an excellent meat taste, relatively low fat, simple in taste and delicious like a copper pheasant, thus it was used to pay land tax during the Edo period.

Since it was designated a national natural treasure in 1942, the male of  "Akita Hinai Chicken" which was selected from Hinai chickens for breeding, was crossed with the female of Rhode Island Red, and "Hinai-Jidori (Locally Raised Hinai Chicken)" was born.

Today, it has become an indispensable ingredient for "Kiritanpo Nabe" which represents the taste of Akita, and is known throughout Japan as one of Japan's three most delicious chickens, along with Nagoya Cochin and Satsuma Jidori.