Towada stone

 3000 tons of Towada stones have been mined yearly from Yakushimori (mountain) which is entirely made of green tuff (solidified volcanic ash from an eruption that occurred at the bottom of the sea approximately ten million years ago), and the stones mined are processed systematically by skilled craftsmen.

Towada stone is the only natural stone in the world and it is a rare natural stone that can only be found in this place. The beautiful hue of green and blue woven by nature is due to the iron and other metals that are contained in the stone being wrapped in the volcanic ash without being oxidized. It is used as slate and construction material. Besides, it has also been used as flooring material for hot spring spa and bathhouse from long ago as it is particularly soft, not slippery even when it is wet, and has excellent heat retention and water retention. The feature is that it is remarkably pleasant to touch. In recent years, the use of stone dust as bio-based material and feed for microorganisms, as well as the use of stone grain as functional wall material and soil improving material have been expanded. Its use as environmental building stone has also been recognized.

    Example of using Towada stone

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