Shibayachi Wetlands(English)

  • 芝谷地概観
  • hanashobu

Shibayachi Wetlands

Shibayachi wetland is a low-moor bog, located in the northern suburb of Odate City.

A bog is a type of natural grassland which develops in nutrient-poor wetlands with peat layer. Although such bogs still exist in this region of Japan at higher altitudes, a large number of bogs in lowland areas have been lost due to the cultivation and other causes.

Despite these circumstances, the bog at Shibayachi has remained well preserved, and an abundance of wet plants continue to grow naturally. Because of this, shibayachi wetlandvegetation was recognised as academically valuable, andwas designated as a natural monument of Japan in 1936.

You canseecarnivorous plants, including Mosengoke,”Drosera rotundifolia”in Shibayachi. In addition, you will also have an excellent opportunity to observe the smallest dragonfly, named Haccho-tombo, “Nan nophya pygmaea”, which is as small as a 10-yen coin along with many other animals and plants.


Visit information

You can stroll on boardwalks over the wetland. One circuit takes 30 to 40 minutes. As there is no shade, please take care to protect yourself from the strong sunlight.

In the wetland, please do not do the following.

  • Do not bring plants and animals in
  • Do not takeplants and animals out
  • Do not litter
  • Do not enter the wetland
  • Do not surprise or scare the animals